Hola! I’m Erica Lawrence, founder of Easy Healthy Eats.

My past was riddled with irritating conditions such as allergies, asthma, eczema, sluggish digestion, reproductive irregularities, insomnia & stress (I was unaware of their interconnectedness).

I saw specialists; all prescribed drugs to deal with my issues. Not once had there been suggestion of dietary/lifestyle changes or natural medicine intervention to manage my symptoms.

I thought I was destined to inhabit a body that was functioning sub-optimally for the rest of my days.

I took matters into my own hands; I started by enrolling in a university nutrition class (there were no herbal medicine programs in my Canadian hometown of Saskatoon).

When this nutrition class didn’t satisfy my hunger for knowledge (there was no mention of medicinal use), I began researching other programs that also placed emphasis on herbal pharmacopoeia, which led me to Sydney, Australia, where I received my qualifications as a naturopath at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies.

My own maladies provided opportunity for trial + error, alongside conscientious education, to result in successful treatment protocols which I carried over into clinical practice. I’m continually humbled by the healing power of nature.

I started Easy Healthy Eats to rekindle my passion for food and to solve a problem many of my clients were facing. They wanted support making healthy choices, fresh, innovative recipe ideas and guidance on how to keep food simple yet inspiring. Turns out it wasn’t just my clients that yearned for this kind of service; everyone I came across was excited.

After much anticipation, EHE was finally born. My calling.

A solution to helping thousands of people from a foundational level: food as medicine. Providing passion, education and getting people (like you) cooking simple, healthy, delicious food.

I welcome you into this community with open arms + adventurous taste-buds.

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